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The Ultimate Costa Rican Surf Trip

In 1964, two young California surfers named Robert August and Mike Hynson packed up a couple of surfboards and a few pairs of really short trunks and set out around the world in search of “The Perfect Wave”. No one would have known otherwise, unless action sports’ greatest documentarian, Bruce Brown, had joined them for the journey and created arguably the most well-known stoke movie of all time: The Endless Summer. The movie has served as both inspiration and outline for traveling surfers for over 50 years, and the spots August and Hynson surfed back then are still among the most sought-out surf destinations on the planet – Hawaii, South Africa, Australia and more. The film became such legend that 30 years later it was recreated, and The Endless Summer 2 introduced the world to more far-flung surf spots, including a deep-blue, peeling, wet dream of a wave in Northwest Costa Rica called Witches Rock.

Guess where we went last week?

Yes, imagine our surprise a few months ago when Robert Augusts’ son himself, Sam, enrolled his Costa Rican guide service (Walk on Water Adventures) as official ambassadors of Adventure IO! Sam, along with his partner and professional host/guide/videographer/golf guru, Clay McCutcheon, said they had this little corner of the surfing world completely dialed. WE felt it was our duty to investigate.

“Dialed” was an understatement. The week was an impeccable and fast-moving feast of perfect waves, fabulous food and lodging, lots of laughs and our very own Endless Summer experience. There is absolutely no substitute for local knowledge of an area like this, and each and every time our guides played the wind and tide and chose a different break for us (and there were many), the walk onto the beach was like a scene right out of the movie: glassy, perfect Costa Rican grinders with zero crowds.




Walk on Water operates out of the Tamarindo area, but Sam and Clay can custom-curate Adventures up and down the western coast of the country based on whatever your desires may be. Golf, jungle exploration and animal watching are just some of the added options. The crown jewel of the experience is a day-trip by boat to the famed Witches Rock, where you can officially join the tribe of the world’s most dedicated and passionate traveling surfers.


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