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The Best of Adventure - January 25, 2021

Updated: May 17, 2021

AIO Staff Pick

NAME: Chris Cote

TITLE: AIO Advisory Board Member

HOMETOWN: Encinitas, CA Chris Cote is a lifelong San Diegan and action sports expert, who we’ve known since he got his start as the editor of Transword Surf. Since then, he’s moved into a career as a producer and THE color commentary voice of the World Surf League, and co-host of the high-energy Monday M.A.S.S. podcast with snowboarding legend Todd Richards. The dude never stops, whether he’s on the air or making daily appearances at North County skate parks and surf breaks. So we were pretty interested to know which one of AIO’s Adventures he’s been eyeballing.

“Skimboarding is hard, but super fun and accessible to everyone. I've been a skimmer for most of my life but sometimes go for months without skimming and it's an easy sport to forget how to do. That's why I would love to have a skim session with Blair Conklin. I'm a huge fan of his and if I was to make a comparison, I would say he's the John John Florence of skimming - stylish, powerful, creative, etc. Hopefully if the dates line up, I'll book a session and we will shred!” - Chris Cote

AIO Gear of the Week

The Vuori Banks Short is high on our list as the perfect tool for a variety of Adventures. (And we’re totally into the scalloped-edge shorts these days.) The Banks is an athletic short that does double duty in the water (they dry in a matter of minutes), and on land (moisture-wicking and odor-resistant). Each incredibly comfortable Banks short is made of 4-5 recycled plastic bottles, so you not only look and feel good, you ARE good. We guarantee that they will become one of your most universal Adventure items, and you’ll feel naked without them (or maybe even with them).

Where to Go 2021? ... Costa Rica

In December of 2019, right on time as it turns out, the AIO staff traveled to Costa Rica to meet up with Clay McCutcheon and Sam August from Walk On Water Adventures. The entire experience was a movable feast of surfing, fishing, food and the occasional couple holes of barefoot golf, all punctuated by their EXPERT hosting and guiding. We didn’t load a board onto a rack, check a tide or make a cup of coffee for six days, yet all were taken care of throughout. It was probably the smartest work decision we have ever made. Of course, soon afterward, the world locked down and somehow “let’s do a Zoom” became part of our everyday vocabulary. Good news - Costa is back and open to COVID-safe travelers. Check out Walk on Water Adventures on AIO and message them to custom design your perfect surf/fish/eco exploration trip in the land of Pura Vida.

Speaking of Walking on Water ...

AIO guide Shaun Murray gives us the run-down on HOW TO BAREFOOT waterski in one of his latest and greatest youtube videos. GOOD LUCK! On a more realistic note, if you’d like to learn to surf or wakeboard behind the boat with Shaun, hit the button below. #gowiththepros


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