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Take Your Skating to the Next Level With OC Ramps

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The OC Ramps headquarters is nestled inconspicuously in the heart of Orange County, California. But if you can make it through the doors, you’ll realize there’s a reason why they’ve been designing and building the industry’s finest ramps since those doors opened in 1997. The quality of work from OCR’s team of builders is so evident that a growing number of cities throughout the state have contracted them to develop the rails and skateboard ramps for their public parks. Equally as impressive is that these same ramps are available to the public for purchase at an affordable rate and are designed easy-to-assemble. 

OC Ramps Santa Ana

If you happen to roll on by the headquarters in Santa Ana, you might catch a glimpse of their pro athletes shredding the mini skatepark located behind the warehouse. And now, exclusively through the Adventure IO (AIO) app, you can book a skate session at the private OC Ramps skatepark and learn how to take your skills to the next level. 

If that sounds a little intimidating, don’t worry.  We caught up with Tyler Large, President of OC Ramps, and asked him to give us the three best pieces of equipment beginning skaters can use to start progressing. Below are the three items Tyler and the crew at OC Ramps agreed are a must-have for beginners. 

The mini ramp is arguably one of the most popular items developed by OC Ramps. This ramp is an ideal piece of equipment for every beginning skateboarder. All of the world’s best skaters have started by practicing on a mini ramp. Even if you don’t skate many transitions, this piece of equipment is perfect because it comes in two-foot, three-foot and five-foot tall variations. Hands down a must-own item, the mini ramp is perfect for learning 50-50 grinds and basic transitions without having to drop in on something that’s too intimidating. 

If you’re just starting and want to begin practicing your grinds, this rail is perfect for you. Designed for easy learning, the Roll-on-Flat Rail will help you learn to balance your board during basic grinds without the need to ollie first. Just set up a few feet away before you begin riding in and let your momentum carry you up onto the rail and 5-0 the whole thing! Although this rail isn’t the best for more advanced tricks, it’s perfect for learning the basics.

Equipped with four pre-drilled holes for you to use as you progress, these skate cones will have you mastering the ollie in no time. Start with the lowest setting at just five inches and work your way up to 17 inches. After you’ve got the pop on your ollies dialed, you can then start working on your kickflips and shuvs over the bar too.

Now that you know which tools the pros use to perfect their skills, you start can practicing at home and impress your friends the next time you squad up and hit the local park. Then, when you’re ready, you can use the AIO app to book a private skate session at the OC Ramps headquarters and get one-on-one instruction from the pros themselves! 


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