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Surf Adventures With Big Wave Champion Jamie Sterling Added To Adventure IO App

New to the Adventure IO app is WSL Big Wave World Champion, Jamie Sterling. Hailing out of the North Shore of Oahu, Sterling now offers our users private surf sessions in Hawaii and California, suitable for all skill levels. When it comes to catching waves, Sterling certainly knows a thing or two. Born in Southern California, Jamie hopped on his first board at the age of five. While the California surf brought a young Sterling into the water, it was the 50 plus foot swells and back shattering breaks from the North Shore that captivated his interest. 

By the time Sterling was a teenager, he had already broken into the big-wave scene. In 2008, he placed third in Mavericks. A few years later, in 2011, he won his first Big Wave World Championship. As a lifelong professional, Sterling enjoys incorporating different mental exercises, workout routines and diets to prepare his body for the physical demands of big wave surfing, and he’s happy to share his tips with you all!

Visit Jamie’s profile page on our app to book a North Shore or California Adventure and don’t forget to check out his 2011 highlights below. 


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