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Coleman Buckley and the Birth of Ride Engine

Coleman Buckley is an innovator. Having graduated from Stanford with a degree in biology in 2010, Coleman found himself back home contemplating his next move and, of course, surfing whenever possible. After realizing the standard kitesurfing harnesses failed to lock in place and caused rider discomfort, Buckley began experimenting with his own harness designs. 

In true start-up fashion, Coleman began to manufacture various harnesses from his garage and sought out feedback from his friends and pro athletes. It wasn’t long before Buckley had created the hard-shell Armor harness and word around the kitesurfing industry about his creation began to spread. Almost overnight, Coleman went from making a harness that fit the needs of him and his friends to owner and designer of one of the kite industry’s most promising brands. 

In 2013, Buckley partnered with 7-Nation, a Slingshot Kite sister company, and with significantly more resources Ride Engine was born. Today, Coleman continues to design innovative harnesses along with wetsuits, foil fins and other accessories. And despite Ride Engine’s continuous growth, Buckley never misses an opportunity to hit the water. 

Watch the video below for more on Coleman and Ride Engine. And don’t forget to visit the Adventure IO app to book a foil Adventure with Buckley in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.


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