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Chris Cote Joins Adventure IO Advisory Board

It’s official! Action sports personality Chris Cote has joined the Adventure IO advisory board. A lifelong action sports expert, Cote competed as an amateur surfer and skateboarder before taking on the task to help build Transworld Surf. Today, Cote can be heard commentating at World Surf League events as well as the Vans Skate Park Series and more. He’s also the editor of Encinitas Magazine and co-host of the Monday M.A.S.S podcast which is jokingly referred to as “the greatest action sports podcast on earth.” 

Cote’s experiences as an athlete, editor, musician, commentator and more are enough to fill the pages of a full-fledged autobiography, and his connections to incredible people and opportunities are plentiful as a result. For all those reasons  and many more Chris is inevitably the perfect candidate to help build AIO’s future and bring you VIP access to some of the world’s best surf and skateboard athletes and experiences.

We recently caught up with Cote, fresh off the road from announcing the ISA World Surfing Games in Japan, to hear more about why he sees Adventure IO as a great idea in action sports, his past experiences and a sneak-peek into a potential Chris Cote-guided Adventure.

AIO:  Why team up with Adventure IO?

Chris Cote: Adventure IO is the missing link. So many people out there aspire to LIVE the action sports lifestyle, not just watch it from the couch. The problem was access, and now with Adventure IO, that problem is solved. I love the simplicity and ease of the technology and I like that it provides fan experiences at multiple levels from outrageous to low-key. You don’t have to be a millionaire or raffle winner to get access to one-of-a-kind experiences, there’s an Adventure and an opportunity for everyone on this app.

AIO: What’s the most memorable Adventure you can remember taking in all your years of action sports?

CC: I was on one of the infamous “Drive-Thru” trips with Kelly Slater, Benji Weatherley, Rizal Tanjung, Ry Craike, and a big, epic crew.  After surfing perfect waves on the northern coast of Italy, we went to Rome and ended up renting a dozen scooters and mobbed around all the iconic, historic locations in matching jumpsuits for about 10 hours ’til midnight, laughing our heads off! We had so much fun speeding in and out of traffic in one of the greatest cities on the planet!

AIO: What would be a dream scenario to bring to life using the AIO app?

CC: Getting a professionally shot doubles skate photo with Tony Hawk would be pretty cool.

AIO: Any Adventures hosted by Chris Cote on the horizon?

CC: Super session at BSR Surf Resort in Waco, Texas. For the first hour, we film you and I commentate your session live from the deck and for your home video.  The second hour we surf together and take turns heckling each other, and the third hour we eat Texas BBQ while floating on inner tubes in the lazy river. Sounds fun, right?

Still want to hear more from Chris? Listen to the most recent episode of the Monday M.A.S.S podcast below.


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