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AIO Unleashes the Groms on Elliot Sloan’s Mega-Ramp

AIO Unleashes the Groms on Elliot Sloan's Mega-Ramp

“These kids are going to remember this day for the rest of their lives” – that’s the report we got back from the parents of these #skategroms– check out the video of @elliotsloan ‘s first official #skateadventure using the #adventureio app! Shout out to for tagging along and putting this clip together! 

It’s safe to say the groms were STOKED to have the opportunity to roll around on the mega ramp with help from pro vert skaters Elliot and Jimmy Wilkins, as well as pro BMX athlete Andy Buckworth.

To see all of Elliot’s Adventures on the AIO app, click here


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