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AIO Guides Go Big At X Games Minneapolis 2019

Now, we’re not ones to brag, but with X Games Minneapolis 2019 starting today, it felt appropriate for us to show some love for our Adventure IO athlete guides currently competing, and those with past X Games experience. Representing the AIO family in this year’s Skateboard Big Air event is none other than X Games icon, Elliot Sloan. Already the owner of seven total Big Air medals, Sloan is looking to add a fifth gold medal to his already impressive collection. 

However, Sloan isn’t the only AIO guide to compete at the X Games. A total of seven of our guides (including Elliot) have previously competed in the mega sporting event, across three different sports (skateboarding, wakeboarding and mountain bike), and earned a total of 18 medals! Safe to say our adventure guides are the best in the world at what they do. Continue reading for a full list of guides who have competed in previous X Games events and don’t forget to tune into ESPN and ABC throughout the weekend to catch our very own Elliot Sloan go for gold!

1.) Rusty Malinoski - Sport: Wakeboarding and X Games Real Wake

One of the longest-tenured top-level wakeboarders in history, Rusty is still at the top of the scene, 15 years after entering the pro game. The first to land a 1080 in competition, the 31-year-old rides with great strength and power, thus his nickname: Bone Crusher. The 5-time King of Wake runner-up, Malinoski maintains his place at the top of the contest heap with hard work: He rides up to three times a day and trains incessantly. Married with two kids, Rusty is the younger brother of Robbie Malinoski, multi-time X Games SnoCross medalist. Click here if you want to see what it’s like to spend a day with Rusty.

2.) Darren Berrecloth - Sport: Mountain Bike Slopestyle

Darren Barrecloth is known for his sick bike handling skills, and his ability to build a wicked slopestyle course. He cut his teeth riding BMX and has starred in several freeride mountain bike movies. He was named one of the 25 coolest people by Outside magazine in 2004. After 15 years, we think he’s moved way up that list. Check out the rad times you can have with Darren here.

3.) Elliot Sloan - Sport: Skateboarding Vert/Big Air

The three-time XG Big Air gold medalist (LA 2013, Minneapolis 2017 and Sydney 2018) rocks on his guitar and rolls on ramps. Elliot did both in his 2016 Metal & Mayhem video part, pulling a 360 on a mega ramp with a guitar in hand. He now owns the second most medals in SKB Big Air (7, behind Bob Burnquist’s 13). But get this: Sloan will be freshly 31 at X Games Minneapolis 2019. Burnquist was 29 when he earned his first Big Air medal. Elliot has already hosted a couple of Adventures on the ultimate skate set-up in his own backyard. Hit him up, he’s a great host!

4.) Shaun Murray - Sport: Wakeboarding

Shaun is a legend in wakeboarding, with his mix of charismatic charm and incredibly high level of riding. He has two career silver medals in the X Games, as well as one bronze. Unbelievably, he is still going strong 23 years after his first X Games competition. When he is not on the water, you can find him on TV as a competitor in the American Ninja Warriors series.

5.) Parks Bonifay - Sport: Wakeboarding

In 1996, at only 14-years-old, Parks won the inaugural Wakeboard competion at X and hasn’t stopped pushing the limits of wakeboarding since. He was the first rider to be captured on film stomping a 1080 and as a member of the Pointless Posse, helped rail riding to the next level during the eaarlu 2000’s. He is a five-time Pro Tour champion (’96, ’98, ’01, ’03 and ’04) and probably one of the most fun and funny people you will ever meet … which you can through Adventure IO! Just click here.

6.) Alex Graydon - Sport: X Games Real Wake

Alex Graydon is an up-and-comer in the world of wake, and from the look of the video below you can tell he is NOT scared to go for it. But mixed in with that intensity is an easygoing Southern style honed in his hometown of Equality, Alabama. Graydon had the fan favorite section of the X Games Real Wake Competition in 2017, and when he’s not coming up with creative ways to ride, he’s hosting AIO users on his home lake. Check it out!

7.) Steel Lafferty - Sport: X Games Real Wake

Even though Steel was born in Fort Lauderdale in 1992, he admits to being a big kid 27 years later. His upbeat and likeable personality has earned him praise and a large following throughout the world of wakeboarding. But he’s got the chops, too. He is on record as being the first wakeboarder to land a wake- to-wake 1080 and a toeside backside 900 off a double up. And he’s a pretty good golfer in his spare time, too. See what a day with Steel is like here.


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