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5 Photos of Maui That Will Have You Itching To Book Your Next Adventure

When beginning the search for an idyllic tropical vacation, Americans often forget that an island paradise exists within our fifty states: Hawaii. Featuring beaches, waves, waterfalls and mountain crests in all shapes, sizes and colors, it’s truly a haven for both adrenaline-pumping experiences and complete relaxation.

Amongst the islands fit for a family vacation or a secluded honeymoon sits Maui, the crown jewel of the Aloha State. The island’s crystal clear blue water beaches, hiking routes and endless possibilities for outdoor activities are a wanderlust’s dream come to life.

If you’re drawn to the appeal of Maui but unsure where to begin, here are five features that will have you booking your next Adventure getaway by the time you finish reading.


The scenic roads of Paia offer endless photo-ops for adventurists looking to experience Maui on two wheels. These roads include views of stunning beaches and green mountain tops on either side of the road. You’re guaranteed to have one of the most breathtaking experiences of your life.


Did we mention the crystal clear waters? Maui’s beaches, in particular, have a reputation for their clear, eye-catching blue hue, with exclusivity that only locals enjoy. The next time you visit the “Valley Isle,” do yourself a favor and book a S.U.P Tour and Adventure. Your guide, Connor Baxter, is a local professional paddleboarder. You can trust him to take you to the best, most exclusive parts of this Hawaiian island, where you can fully experience the beauty of Maui.


It’s almost a sin that we haven’t mentioned Maui’s surf scene yet. Year-round, Maui hosts unbelievable surf conditions that cater to all skill levels. It’s perfect for honing your skills or developing a new one, like kiteboarding. Adventure IO guide and 2x kiteboarder of the year, Jesse Richman, will introduce you to his favorite spots as you learn to pick up speed and send it big on your kiteboard.


Ditch the sweat box and get fit to the tune of waves crashing and the feel of crisp ocean air. Maui’s beaches aren’t just for surfing; they also make for an excellent training environment. The sand provides added resistance to every exercise, so if you’re up for a challenge that comes with a rewarding view, this is for you. While you should also be indulging in Maui’s delicious local eateries, a Performance Training session with Suzie Cooney will have you putting those extra calories to work, while enjoying the incredible oceanfront view.


Let’s talk about Maui’s underwater life. The calm, beautiful waters offer you the best conditions to learn to freedive or train for record depths. And with a Freedive Maui Adventure, guided by Ben Zyons, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to not only explore the intoxicating marine life of coastal Hawaii, but to develop a deeper connection with your own mind and body, which is arguably the most important takeaway.


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