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5 Female Guided AIO Adventures You Have To Experience

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

According to a recent study, women drive the majority of consumer spending. Which means they are the ones fueling the booming travel industry.

Fittingly, women are also taking over the adventure travel  industry, not only because they make better decisions (you know it’s true, men) but also because they are amazing guides, coaches and experience creators. AIO is happy to call a variety of incredible female athletes our guides, and we’ve taken several Adventures with them that have pushed our limits to the max. Below are the five most adventurous outdoor experiences guided by an all-star, all-female group.

Join AIO and local Cocoa Beach surf guide, Molli Miller Mead for a morning surf at her favorite break. Molli will begin by leading the group through a short yoga and meditation exercise to get the blood flowing. After going through ocean safety and awareness, you will have plenty of time to paddle out and enjoy the surf! With years of experience and local knowledge, Molli loves to work with all levels of surfers from beginner to advanced.

Max number of participants: 10

Price: $300

If you can’t join female SUP pioneer Suzie Cooney for a training session in Maui, this is the next best thing! With Suzie’s Virtual Performance Training session, you’ll interact one-on-one with her LIVE on your screen, guiding you throughout the entire hour-long workout. Suzie is a master at tailoring sport-specific workouts that will help you outlast and outperform the competition –  even if that competition is just YOU. This session is such a blast, it’ll feel like she’s in the room with you pushing you to get better! All you need is a working computer and a strong wifi signal. 

Max number of participants: 1

Price: $145

This stand-up paddle Adventure has it all. Swings, open waters, flowers and jungles! Your guide, Jessica Cichra, will lead the way atop Florida’s famous crystal-clear waterways where water flows from the underground aquifer. Rock Springs Run begins near the headwaters of Rock Spring and flows eight miles downriver, with narrow switchbacks through the tropical jungle. This Adventure is sure to get your blood pumping, with a traditional rope swing warm-up before heading out! 

Max number of participants: 1

Price: $300

A native Floridian and world traveler, Amanda Smerge knows the best local spots to visit when freediving Blue Springs. As a certified yoga instructor and freediver, with years of training with breath holds and diaphragm flexibility during her dives, Amanda knows how to best prepare her students for the most comfortable dives in Central Florida’s natural wonders.

Max number of participants: 4

Price: $240

Hang out with Crystal Hale and ride behind the Super Air Nautique G23 on the Parker Strip in Arizona. This area of the desert is incredibly beautiful,  and well known for its clear water, red rocks, floating restaurants/bars and year-round boating. Whether you’re looking to take your family and friends to learn how to wakeboard for the first time, or want to sharpen your wakesurfing skills, this Wake the River Adventure with Crystal Hale is a guaranteed good time!

Max number of participants: 8

Price: $1,750

Which Adventure will you be going on? We want to know! 

Leave us a comment or tag us in your Adventure posts on IG (@adventureio).


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