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5 Epic Wakeboarding Adventures on AIO

What happens when you launch the Adventure IO app with hopes of landing an awesome wakeboarding experience? You’re left to choose among some of the world’s top wakeboarding athletes with a wide array of watersports experience, it’ll be hard to pick just one.

Whether you prefer to take advantage of the steamy Floridian winter with Shaun Murray as your chauffeur or book the legend Parks Bonifay to join you on your next trip to Lake Powell, our Adventures are exciting and diverse enough to tend to a variety of palates.

Below are some of our personal favorites to inspire your decision. And while we can’t make the final call for you, the good vibes are guaranteed no matter which you select.




Come join Adventure IO co-founder and professional wakeboarder Jeff McKee for an epic day on the water in Charleston, SC!

As a team rider for Correct Craft, Jeff keeps his Super Air Nautique G23 loaded up with all the latest toys from Slingshot Wake – including wakeboards, wake surfers, and his latest obsession, the surf foil.

You’ll start the day at the nearby boat ramp and find the best place to ride, depending on the weather.

For lunch, you’ll cruise over to the famous “Shem Creek,” where a dolphin sighting is more than likely. Assemble your crew and get ready for the most exciting boating experience in the lowcountry..

Max number of participants: 12 Price: $600 (half day) / $1,200 (full day)




As kids, many of us dreamed of hanging with a professional athlete for the day. Now you can! With our Take-A-Pro offering, Parks Bonifay himself will travel to your local lake. Whether it’s a company get-together, a local event or just a well-deserved vacation, Parks will fly to you and provide instruction and fun for everybody! Wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing – you name it, he knows it, and he loves to share his knowledge.

Max number of participants: All Group Sizes Price: $1,200 (one day) / $2,000 (two days) / $2,800 (three days)




There’s plenty to do in Orlando, but a little-known secret is the appeal of Shaun Murray’s backyard! Feeling monkey strong, or ready to learn how to get there? Shaun’s idea of a warmup is to swing around on his backyard ninja gym, so channel your inner primate and step up to the challenge. After a quick warmup, you’ll hop on his Super Air Nautique G23 for either a full- or half-day of wakeboarding and wakesurfing. The day is yours, for those looking to take their skills to new heights, or simply to have a fun time.

Depending on the season and production schedule, you may also be able to score a visit to the Correct Craft World Headquarters to see the world-famous Super Air Nautique going down the production line. The day is truly your oyster – Shaun is just the host.

Max number of participants: 10 Price: $1,200 (half day) / $2,400 (full day)




Wakeskate, wakeboard and wakesurf with Steel Lafferty at his house on the beautiful Conway Chain of Lakes, just minutes from the MCO airport. Steel is constantly coming up with new ways to have fun on his Mastercraft X-Star, so if you’ve got any hidden talents don’t be afraid to share. 

After the boating session  you’ll grab lunch at his favorite local spot, and then hit the Links and play a round of golf together at the Ritz Carlton – one of the most pristine courses in town! Bring your A-game – Steel always does 👊

Max number of participants: 4 Price: $1,500




Much like the Adventures above, our Heyday with Dylan Miller offers wakeboarding tips from a top pro in the game! This Adventure includes Dylan, his HeyDay WT-Surf wakeboard boat and his co-pilot Stella 🐕. The day will be spent on the Clermont Lakes cruising through the canals, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakefoiling and more!

Max number of participants: 5 Price: $500 (half day) / $900 (full day)

Which Adventure will you be going on? We want to know!

Leave us a comment or tag us in Adventure post on IG (@adventureio)


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