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Top 5 Florida Staycations for Adventure Seekers

Quarantine can be crushing to the adventurous soul, and while there’s no doubt that social distancing and staying at home have helped curb the spread of the current pandemic, the walls of the house have started to creep in, and emptying the dishwasher over and over is starting to feel like breaking rocks. That’s why we’ve been looking for something, ANYTHING, different right now - specifically, the best staycations all over the country. Isolating safely somewhere else for a few days might just be the perfect way to get your wanderlust fix right now.

Today’s focus: Florida weekend getaways. If you live within driving distance of Sunshine State, cool, eclectic homes abound. Here’s a list of some of the best staycations in Florida, and a few outdoor activities you might enjoy while you’re there.

This little 18-foot Yurt is perfect for a solo getaway or maybe with your significant other (no kids or pets here). It’s located about 45 minutes outside of Orlando, on a 5-acre parcel of ground surrounded by oak and magnolia trees. The treehouse is perched 15 feet high between two giant oaks, accessible by a residential elevator made to look like a tree trunk.

A one-of-a-kind experience for those who want to enjoy Miami from a different perspective. Can accommodate up to two people, includes a basic toilet and freshwater. The boat is anchored in Key Biscayne Bay, which allows you to view the Miami skyline from a distance, and walk or bike the 8 mile strip of beaches and county parks. Two kayaks are included for guests and the owner will ride you out to the mooring for your stay. Bring the fishing rods, or rent a jet ski to see Miami from the water!

Industrial modern studio set up is glam, off-grid accommodations! Brew a cup of coffee and enjoy the wooded lot situated on a tidal creek. Fish off the dock and greet the free range chickens and bunnies. This is eclectic, luxurious tiny living at its best. It feels like you’re in a remote location when really you’re just minutes from all the activities: beaches, historic areas, etc.

Swim, fish and snorkel whenever you want right off your own secluded floating getaway! As you open the cabin door the smell of red cedar relaxes you and you can gaze out the panoramic window that overlooks the water. Lay down on your comfortable queen size bed and watch as dolphins, tropical fish, manatees and other indigenous birds and wildlife pass by your private window into paradise. As you fall asleep at sea you can look up through your panoramic view and gaze upon the moon and stars, letting the sound of the water lull you to sleep. While floating on your own secluded private oasis, away from the noise and rush of the world, kick back at your onboard tiki bar. Here you can enjoy a cold drink and allow the warm breeze and tropical view to cause everything around you to slow down.

Enjoy both the beach and the river on this unique two-acre parcel between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River. This place has it all and is right near the famous Sebastian Inlet surf break. The beach hut and cabana has a double hammock, picnic table, beach chairs and toys. The property backs up to the Indian River, one of the best fishing spots in Central Florida with spectacular sunsets where you’ll sit on the dock and see dolphins, manatees, birds, and maybe the occasional gator. Comes with free use of a double kayak for your own eco tour, and two stand-up paddle boards.

Adventure IO hosts a roster of some of the best and most experienced guides in the Sunshine State! Whether it’s road biking, free diving, wakeboarding, inshore fishing, paddleboarding and much, much more, check out the app and #GOWITHTHEPROS.


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