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AIO Epic Retreat/Re-Entry with Vuori Clothing

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Early this summer Adventure IO came together with Vuori Clothing to deliver our first ever wellness retreat to San Diego, CA - It was the perfect mix of wellness, leisure, Adventure and more. A small group (20) of bold and like-minded individuals joined together at the Pendry San Diego Hotel for this perfectly-paced weekend in one of the most stunning outdoor cities in the U.S.!

“What an EPIC weekend for re-entry!” - Libby Carstensen

Girls' weekends met couples' retreats, family vacations, and solo getaways all with a common goal of escaping the monotony of the past 13 months at home and reconnecting with one another - a “re-entry” back into travel and Adventure.

Over the 4-day/3-night stay, guests were treated to an exclusive welcome dinner at Pendry’s Lionfish private dining space, and enjoyed the luxury amenities of the Pendry San Diego from their ever popular Pool House restaurant & bar to their signature spa, Fifth and Rose cocktail bar, and more. Days were filled with the perfect balance of fitness and leisure, from morning HIIT classes and breathwork/meditation with Vuori collaborators Stef Corgel and Libby Carstensen, to afternoon restorative yoga by the waterside in Marina Park with Frances Brower. Guests were free to be as active or inactive as they wished over the course of the retreat - with no more to worry about than which new Vuori outfit to wear next, or what strength SPF to bring along for the day's Adventures.

“Is it possible to get first right of refusal for the next one?” - Maureen McCallister, Guest Attendee

Day 2’s highlight included a guided hike to Torrey Pines Nature Reserve, where guests enjoyed breathtaking views of the California coastline and Pacific Ocean, followed by a private beach event at locals' favorite Moonlight Beach. The fine folks from Concept Surf supplied surfboards and wetsuits for all, as well as multiple instructors to assist all skill levels from, “I’ve never done this, I can’t believe I’m doing this” to, “I brought a fish because I heard it was fast and punchy”.

To top off the beach experience, Vuori put the cherry on top of the entire weekend with an appearance from surfing legend Rob Machado.

“The pace was just perfect” - said former Travel and Leisure publisher Jay Meyer.

Surfing with Rob is a bucket-list opportunity for most every surfer in the world, and to join him in his hometown was even more special. Rob was an absolute rockstar in and out of the water, taking countless photos with all the group, taking time to share a wave or tip with everyone in the water, and more. Whether you know Rob from HBO’s Momentum Generation or as the voice of, well, himself in Sony pictures Happy Feet animated film, at the end of the day he is one of the most down-to-earth people we’ve had the chance to work with, and by far the smoothest surfer on the PLANET!

“I just took a surf lesson with Rob Machado … that’s like learning to play basketball with Kobe Bryant.” - Jimmy Rex, Guest Attendee

As we continue to reflect on this event, there’s one thing that stands out far more than the rest ... the PEOPLE! We’ve all come away with a bond that feels different than most. It’s deeper and stronger, and certainly feels like it’s going to outlast most others. In fact, that reminds us, it’s time to drop another photo and comment into the guest attendee's iCloud shared library to remind them all we are thinking of them and excited for the next gathering! Destination - TBD.

We want to personally thank all of our guest attendees and the entire staff at Vuori Clothing for helping to make this such an EPIC weekend.

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