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4 Tips for Staying Adventure-Ready While You’re Stuck at Home

As people around the world continue self-isolating and practicing social distancing from the blindsiding COVID-19 pandemic, adventure enthusiasts like yourself are left with a lot of time on their hands, and even more steam to blow off.

You’ve run out of shows to stream and grown sick of scrolling through social media, but other than cleaning your room for the hundredth time, what else is an adventure-lover supposed to do to pass the time?

Here are four tips you can start doing RIGHT NOW to stay adventure-ready, no matter the circumstances:

1) Maintain/Upgrade Your Gear

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio

While everyone else is cranking out DIY hand sanitizer that doesn’t even work, you could be improving the look, performance and lifespan of your adventure gear. Equipment maintenance is easy to ignore, especially when your gear has been chilling in storage, but letting your equipment collect dust, dirt and debris can lead to permanent damage.

Taking the time to look after your equipment when it’s not in use is a quick and easy way to extend its lifespan. You may even come across parts that are worn out and need to be upgraded. When you take a moment to upgrade and maintain your gear, you are taking the time to ensure your next adventure goes according to plan. So spend an afternoon brushing off dust, tightening any loose pieces and replacing damaged parts: once we’re allowed back out in the world, you’ll be the one to hit the ground running.

2) Acquire New Skills

Photo: Chris Ortiz

One of the main incentives for leaving the comfort of your home to adventure outside is the opportunity to challenge your comfort zone. Sometimes we get complacent and forget there is always room for growth, but learning a new skill sharpens your knowledge and adds more tools to your arsenal.

Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, wakeboarding, surfing, foiling or embarking on a different kind of adventure, there are a million new ways to experiment with new techniques. A great way to get started is searching through YouTube for video tutorials. From there, your best bet would be learning from a pro (wink, wink).

Once you’ve discovered a rad, new skill, get creative and share it with your friends on social media. Show everyone your new talent and encourage others to do the same -- there’s more than enough negativity right now.

3) Engage With Your Community

Photo: Mads Tencate

So much of what you do is already shared through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. But now is when you should be interacting with people who have similar interests as you. Everyone can benefit from a buddy who shares our interests.

There are also viral challenges on social media that are geared towards keeping others connected online and away from boredom. Why not start your day by hitting up your group chat to get some of your friends to take part in a challenge? Whether it’s a #olliechallenge or #slamchallenge, there are plenty of hilarious and entertaining ways to stay connected while you #stayhome.

4) #StayHome, Stay in Shape

Photo: Julia Merwin

No matter what shape you were in before the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders were made, it’s important you stay active. Keeping your body and mind from wasting away before your next adventure will keep spirits up and your physical health at an all-time high.

But staying in shape is not for the undisciplined. There are planning and preparation required if you’re looking to create real, long-lasting results.

This could mean starting a routine: allotting a certain time during the day to focus on getting in a hard 30-60 minute workout. To keep things fun, you can also purchase an at-home CUSTOM workout program, just like the ones offered by Julia Merwin. Custom workout programs are a great option because they’re affordable, don’t require a lot of equipment, offer you a variety of exercise options, and target what you want to get better at.

Don’t let being stuck inside get you down! Try one of our tips to put yourself in a better place than when you first self-isolated. And when it’s time to book your Adventure IO experience, our guides will be here to lend a helping hand and keep you safe.


What are some of your ideas to stay adventure-ready during these strange times? Let us know by visiting the AIO Instagram and dropping us a message.



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